Trainer Communication System

Kylix UK’s Trainer Communication Systems are such high quality, they are the
natural choice of the top trainers and riders in all disciplines Including Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin, Clayton Fredricks, Lucinda Fredricks to name but a few!

Do you want a faultless means of communication with your rider? It really doesn’t cost the earth and eliminates the need of having to bellow across the arena and consequently lose your voice embarrassing the rider, affecting their confidence?

Riders often struggles to hear their trainer across the arena especially when the wind is blowing in the wrong direction!

Do you want to ensure that your pupil catches every word that is said during their training session up to 100 metres away?

The rider often misses out on crucial, proper instruction during working in periods at events needing discreet and extremely clear, intelligible high powered sound reinforcement.

Our systems allow you to train several riders during working in at the same time! Riders and trainers can each control the volume of the microphone and earpiece independently and in the right conditions, batteries can last up to 16 hours!

Kylix UK can supply a multitude of different microphone setups for the trainer including directional headset mics, neck mics, lapel mics and many different headphone styles to suit your personal requirements.

For more information please download the PDF datasheet.