Solarium Accessories

Kylix UK offer a wide range of exciting options to add to your solarium installation adding further treatments, facilities, and generally making the whole process more efficient and enjoyable for you and your horses.

These include:-

  • Electrical Lift Winch Systems
  • A plethora of control boxes from the simplest On/Off type up to fully customised units with Bluetooth player no less!
  • Coin timer controllers for paying clients with automatic start stop (a control box is not needed with the purchase of a coin box controller)
  • Wall Support Brackets
  • Medical quality ultraviolet lamps with separate short period timer for safety
  • Additional LED under lighting incorporated into the body of your solarium giving bright lighting for clipping plaiting etc.
  • Spare infrared lamps
  • Cross Tie posts including Traditional with Finial and Sprung designs.