SIGMA Dryer and Solarium combination

The new Sigma hot air solarium is a high-powered hot air blower combining a system of multiple large red lamps emitting Infra-Red.

Designed with speedy drying in mind the Sigma provides forced hot air rapidly evaporating body moisture.

Solariums can help improve your horse’s performance and condition. The infrared heat generated energy penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle and helps stimulate blood circulation, this improves muscle elasticity, therefore helping recovery from and reduction of injuries. A pre-exercise warm-up under the solarium will relax muscles and improve training performance by increasing blood circulation. Solariums help your horse to recover quicker after exercise as the stimulated circulation allows the muscles to absorb blood sugars more quickly and speeds up the elimination of waste products from them. Solariums speed up the drying and warming process before and after exercise or washing down and will add shine to the coat.

Built to the highest specifications. Front, middle, and rear sections are hinged and can be individually adjusted to any angle and size of horse.

The only true electrical hot air solarium available today giving 9 x 2kW hot air fans totalling 18kW of power.


  • The lamp positioning is designed to treat specific muscle groups.
  • The front is raised, and rear section lowered to allow free movement of the horse’s neck and features rounded edges to avoid injury
  • Features a combination of 6 IR lamps which treat the withers, back, loins and croup.
  • The lamps are mounted into aluminium back boxes set into the main body avoiding your horse making contact with the hot lamps.
  • 18,000-Watt hot air-drying power plus 1500 Watt IR power and 300 Watt lighting power.
  • The aluminium back boxes minimise corrosion and also heat loss into and behind the main body shell.
  • All lamp fittings are manufactured from quality ceramic, not thermoplastic, giving greater longevity.
  • All internal wiring is fire resistant to 110°c.
  • As an option, our solariums can be supplied with electrically operated, purpose built fully enclosed belt hoist systems with no exposed noisy chains or cables, UV lamps with timer and a range of control boxes.
  • 18000 Watts drying power.
  • 1500 Watts IR treatment and extra drying power
  • Kylix UK provide a full installation and after sales service.

For more information please download the PDF datasheet.