Professional Hot Water Heater

NEVER run out of warm water with our instant use, hydraulic, Hot Water Unit (HWU-32) which provides high capacity flow rates whilst ensuring mains pressure up to 75°C (unachievable with instantaneous electrical units). Fully compliant to EU & British Commercial Gas standards


  • Negates the need for a bulky hot water cylinder by constantly heating the water to keep it at the correct temperature, providing instant warm or hot water on demand with no need to switch on and off
  • The HWU-32 produces 15.2 litres of warm water per minute
  • Temperature of outgoing hot water is constantly monitored. If outgoing hot water temperature rises to more than 3°C above selected temperature, the burner is shut off and only turns on again when temperature falls to below that selected whilst using it, thus preventing scalding

For more information, download our PDF Datasheet