Fencing, Roofing and Surfaces

Fencing systems

It is essential to obtain planning permission for your Horse Exerciser and an attractive, well-constructed Horse Exerciser is more likely to receive a favourable reception by the planning authorities. With this in mind we have developed a cost-effective fencing option with an attractive finish. Our fencing systems are supplied complete with posts, rails, gate, hinges, and screws, in fact everything you need for installation by you or our engineers.

  • We offer pressure creosote treated or fully tantalised wooden post and rail system.
  • Our fencing systems are strong, easily maintainable and can be built to your specification.
  • All rails are screwed to vertical posts utilising plated Torx head screws fitted by our operatives using automatic screw guns ensuring screw torque / tightness and that the screw heads are buried sufficiently in the timber for safety.
  • All Kylix timber is sourced from the EU and is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.
  • All underground timber i.e., posts, are manufactured from Larch or Douglas fir (hazard Class 4) and above surface timber is Larch, Douglas fir or Spruce (hazard Class 3)
  • All Timber is pressure creosoted to BS351 to penetrate throughout the timber giving a 30-year life underground and up to 50 – 60-year life out of ground
  • The customer may request specific post, rail and kickboard type, rail to rail infill systems such as Kylix Band, high tensile green Kylix mesh, all rubber high tensile sheeting to any height etc.
  • Kylix fencing systems are carefully designed and constructed to minimise sharp edges or protruding components and so reduce the chance of injury.

Roofing Systems

Kylix offer a number of competitive roofing options for your specific horse exerciser, designed and constructed to your individual requirements, using a mixture of steel and timber materials together with ultra ‘quiet’ Onduline roofing systems offering roofs complying with building standards fully engineered and calculated. Specification on request.

Walkway Surface

Kylix offer several different types of walkway to meet you specific requirements these include:-

  • Rubber Matting
  • Rubber Dogbone Blocks
  • Sand and fibre surface
  • Sand and Rubber chip