Endura Pro Treadmill

In 2020 we updated and added even more functions, safety features and all round ergonomic facilities to our popular Endura Pro Treadmill whilst reducing the cost of our treadmill by nearly 40% through some very clever engineering techniques.

For the DIY or Professional yard, our treadmills are Ideal for rehabilitation work without the danger of daily in hand exercise and direct equine training. Our treadmills provide the most reliable, quiet operation available with highly engineered steel structure, commercial quality gear motor in the low profile drum across 76 micro rollers and control systems second to none.

Kylix’s Endura Pro treadmill is not to be confused with low quality, low power, noisy and agricultural hydraulic treadmills many that don’t even have the ability to drive the horse and rely on the horse’s motion on an incline to operate!

The Endura is driven from a very powerful low current motor off a Single Phase electric supply so can be connected to your ring main or directly to a standard fuse board fuse / breaker in your distribution board.

Our Ultra Quiet table is designed by very low friction rollers with and inbuilt lower leg massage vibration table and programmable panel giving 50% improved heart function without the notorious enlargement of the heart on an incline up to 10 degrees at 10KPH.

For more information please download the PDF datasheet