Electric Warm Water Frost Protection Kit

Prevent freezing and avoid destructing the heating element of your Warm Water unit.


  • Units by purchasing our specially developed Frost Protection Unit FPK90 for WWU-9 & WWU-11. Low cost frost stat controlled Kylix heat sensitive cut-out tubular heaters.
  • The Frost Protection Kits consist of a polypropylene enclosure with front door, low power 45 Watt tubular heater (IPX4), frost thermostat (IP65 which will switches on the low powered waterproof tube heater on automatically when the ambient temperature drops below 5oC (as set by you), junction box and all the necessary fixings, cable and fasteners necessary to assemble the kit all CE certified.
  • Includes a waterproof frost thermostat 240 volt, 45 Watt, 30.5cm long, 0.5Kg.

For more information, download our PDF datasheet