CuB Paddock Cleaner

The CuB II has been introduced to the market as standard product but giving fitted with a larger more powerful 10HP engine. The Cub has lightweight capabilities for easy handling and a 0.75m2 Capacity hopper for 1-5 Horses. Features 6 blade vortex suction fan, 10HP electric start Briggs & Stratton engine and push button control.

  • The CuB II has electric key starting and a 0.75m2 polyethylene collection hopper for light and easy tipping, with gantry, towing ‘A’ frame or wheels. The paintwork is powder coated for a quality hardwearing finish. The performance of the CuB II is a Class Leader on the market today
  • The Engine for the CuB II is a 10HP Briggs and Stratton Vangard unit designed for workload envisaged For the CuB II and the power of the vacuum required
  • This model is fitted with an integral 10 litre petrol fuel tank providing up to 3 hours running time
  • The vacuum induction suction of the CuB II is identical to the Lynx II machines. The combination of the engine and the induction system makes Kylix paddock cleaners the most powerful on the market and are ideally suited for the exacting job of collecting debris in the worst of conditions

For technical specification, download the PDF datasheet.