Arena Sound Systems

Have you ever been training in an arena and struggled to hear your trainer clearly? Or do you train in an arena and need to practice your dressage to music routine or perform a lecture demo and need sound reinforcement?
Our Outdoor Sound Systems are Ideal for riders who want to ride to music or listen to the radio whilst training in an arena or practice a dressage to music routine.

Often a portable CD/Media Player machine just can’t provide the quality, sound levels or well distributed sound that are required when listening and working in an arena.

As selected providers of the sound reinforcement to Hickstead CDIO, Kylix was quoted as “the best sound system ever supplied to Hickstead”. With over 20 years experience of building professional sound systems, Kylix can provide you with equipment best suited to your individual requirements.

Would you like to listen to high quality music from your favourite CD or radio station during training or play your iPod/iPhone music from on-board your horse anywhere in the arena and more?

Yes! Well you need a Kylix high quality Arena Sound Reinforcement System.

In-ear radio trainer to pupil systems are very worthwhile tools but only have one purpose and can feel cumbersome for some riders.

Kylix UK Arena Sound Systems are cleverly designed for highly intelligible speech and full range music throughout your whole arena.

You choose the facilities Radio Microphones, CD, Digital DAB Radio, Bluetooth, on-board Rider controlled MP3 player/Spotify/Apple Music services etc.

Indoor Sound System

Owning a professional indoor sound system is something we all dream of but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Kylix make a bespoke system Ideal for riders that want to ride to music,, listen to the radio or make themselves heard everywhere in the arena whilst training in an arena or just practicing a dressage to music routine.

A portable CD/cassette machine just can’t provide the quality, balanced sound levels that are required not spooking your horse and are impractical.

What does the 20m x 60m arena sound system come with?

  • 240 Watt 100 Volt line 40Hz to 25KHz Professional Mixer / Amplifier
  • Media Inputs including SD Card, USB Stick
  • iPod and lead to plug any line music source into system
  • FM Radio
  • Plug in microphone inputs
  • Music inputs
  • Omni-directional aerial and wall fixing kit included in the package
  • System comes complete with 3U flight case with front and rear covers keeping the system free of dust when not in use
  • 4 x 30 Watt waterproof (IP64) full range plastic cabinet loudspeakers (6
  • for 20 x 60m Arenas)

For more technical information, download our PDF datasheet.

Fully Weatherproof Sound System

Want a sound system for your outdoor arena? That’s not a problem! The Standard Weatherproof Sound System comes complete pre-wired and ready to connect In collaboration with partners Clarity UK Ltd Kylix have developed a Standard Weatherproof Sound System to a tight budget, suited to the UK’s harsh weather conditions all year round.

The powder coated equipment enclosure is water tight to IP55 and incorporates an internal humidity and thermostatically controlled low consumption heating/Ventilation system. This ensures that the environment inside the enclosure is stable all year round no matter how harsh the weather, keeping the electronic equipment in tiptop condition.

Our Weatherproof Sound Systems are installed with professional Sources such as radio microphones CD Players, Radio Players, Music Players, Amplifier/s with specially designed waterproof loudspeakers.
All system packages include our on-site connection and set-up service. Including mains connection, loudspeaker and infra-red termination and system set-up completed with full training and handover.

For more technical information, download our PDF datasheet.