At Kylix UK we build Solariums to the very highest standards of manufacture to ensure optimum performance and a safe environment for the horse. We offer a full range of accessories, including UV lamps, comprehensive control panels and solarium lift units, each individually designed to meet your specific needs. We offer peace of mind with our full installation and after sales service combined with our long history of providing expert advice.

What is a Horse Solarium?
A horse solarium is a system of multiple large red lamps emitting Infra-Red (IR) rays. IR is a form of heat radiation – not to be confused with Ultra Violet (UV) radiation, which provides a source of artificial sunlight for stable kept horses.

Why our Incandescent Lamps are better and work!
It’s imperative you choose the right lamps for your horses’ treatment. Our special Incandescent lamps are the only lamp capable of producing the Infrared A wavelength light needed for deep muscle treatment and warming of surface tissues and are 25% more efficient than all our competitors. Added to this Kylix solariums are unique in that we locate specific power rating lamps to cover specific muscle groups so it’s not just a box with lights that achieves very little!

Quartz Lamps don’t provide the correct wavelength
Long thin quartz lamps that we often see installed in cheaper solariums offered by some of our competitors produce 90% of their energy in the infrared B wavelength. Infrared B only generates a heating effect on the skins surface, offering drying only and little or no muscle treatment.

How do solariums work?
Solariums help improve your horse’s performance and condition. The heat energy penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle and helps stimulate blood circulation, this improves muscle elasticity, therefore helping recovery from and reduction of injuries. A pre exercise warm up under the solarium will relax muscles and improve training performance by increasing blood circulation. Solariums help your horse to recover quicker after exercise as the stimulated circulation allows the muscles to absorb blood sugars more quickly and speeds up the elimination of waste products from them. Solariums speed up the drying and warming process before and after exercise or washing down and will add shine to the coat.