Paddock Cleaners

Kylix has developed the most powerful paddock vacuum system on the market picks up manure in ALL conditions, even in wet or in thick long grass. Easy to use, the Kylix range of paddock cleaners are very robust, heavy duty, quick and simple to empty.

These easy to use, robust machines feature a powerful vortex suction hose that can cope with the toughest cleaning jobs in the most challenging terrain. Wet manure and long grass are no match for a Kylix paddock cleaner, which can also be used for clearing acorns, fallen fruit, sycamore seeds, leaves and other debris. It makes easy work of cleaning water troughs, chicken sheds and game rearing pens.

Clean paddocks make a considerable contribution to the health of your animals. Regularly removing manure from pasture as part of routine parasite control can reduce worm egg counts and the need for chemical wormers for your animals.