About Kylix UK

Founder of Kylix UK Ltd, Giles Palmer has blended his technical engineering and equine knowledge to create a range of equestrian products offering superior quality, features and safety.

The extensive range of solariumshorse exerciserstreadmillswashroom accessoriesarena products and radio training and area sound systems have all been developed to promote safety and practicality for you and your horses.

We have a new range of powerful, tried and tested paddock cleaners, ideal for keeping paddocks clear of horse manure and minimising exposure to parasites among grazing animals.

The team at Kylix have many years’ experience of keeping, training, and competing horses and are dedicated to creating quality, horse friendly products that are robust and built to last.

Developed and created with input from professional riders, trainers, and grooms alike, Kylix’s advanced equestrian solutions are guaranteed to provide you with the confidence that you are buying the best products available today. Having undergone rigorous testing, our products deliver optimum performance at very competitive prices.