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Washroom Equipment

Water Wash Arm (W-A)

  • Very strong, high quality, competitively priced water wash arm kit including warm warter gun, hoes, hoslock fitting and fixings

                     mini_225_cropped.jpg                   W-A_Data_Sheet_cropped.jpg

Warm Water Units

No need to constantly heat water and keep it at the correct temperation. Kylix provide 3 Warm Water Units:

  • 5.7kW (WWU-6) single phase     klein-durchlauferhitzermdh7.jpg
  • 8.8kW (WWU-9) single phasesedhc73481-stiebel-eltron-dhc-9-6kw-multipoint-water-heater.jpg
  • 11kW (WWU-11) 3 phase            CBH11.jpg

Warm Water Unit Frost Protection Kits


            PA100075_rotated.jpg      PA100070_cropped.JPG

Prevent freezing and avoid destructing the heating element of your Warm Water Units:


  • FPK45 for WWU-6       
  • FPK90 for WWU-9
  • FPK90/3PH for WWU-11

Professional Hot Water Unit 32Kw (HWU-32) Propane or Natural Gas




Compact, external wall mounted unit which produces 15.2 litres of warm water per minute at 25 degrees above ambient water temperature.

Complete with built in frost protection.


For more information please download the PDF datasheet.