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Kylix UK treadmills have been specifically designed to ensure very high strength and safety all round. The horse enters and exits the treadmills by means of very low level front and rear ramps.


Horse treadmills have been developed to provide a completely safe, controlled workout for your horses.


Treadmills are especially useful for building up muscles, ligaments and tendon strength, flexibility and endurance and close, safe monitoring of horses fitness and training.




Endura Treadmill


Kylix Manufacture the Best Treadmills on the market, Ideal for rehabilitation work without the danger of daily in hand exercise and direct equine training.


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Endura Pro Treadmill


For the Proffessional, Single Phase, Ultra Quiet, Low friction rollers with vibration table and programmable panel, Gives 50% improved heart function without the notorious enlargement of the heart.


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