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The All New ViXeN 6.5 Paddock Cleaner - 26 July 2013

Kylix Has Devoloped the most cost effective Paddock cleaner yet, the new ViXeN 6.5.


Using the same vortex suction fan arrangement as the CuB II, The ViXeN is Perfect for 1-3 horse and nearly any other garden clearance job you can think of.


Suction power is still incredible und unbeatable in the market today worldwide. Nothing compares at these prices!


We are launching the Product at an incredible price until 22nd September 2013.


The ViXeN 6.5 Recoil - Manual pull start (Starts first pull but you do have to be strong)

£1995 + VAT  & Delivery


The ViXeN 6.5 Electric - A key electric start Cleaner like all other Predator Cleaner Models

£2495 + VAT  & Delivery