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New Products for 2013


YardView closed circuit television system?

Kylix YardView CCTV systems offer the most comprehensive range of CCTV systems specifically designed to meet your individual yard security needs.
YardView is the most sophisticated Professional-grade analogue CCTV solution available today allowing you to monitor and record critical areas of your property.
Kylix UK Ltd offer a comprehensive range of solutions from single cameras to multi-site monitored systems with customer portal access, the choice is yours.


StableMaster Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems

 Unfortunately the nature of keeping horses nearly always involves the property being situated in a vulnerable, remote location. Security is paramount to ensure you deal quickly and efficiently with the emergency in the event of not just intruders but also fire, flood, panic alarm and 2- way emergency communications.

The Kylix StableMaster System is the most sophisticated Professional-grade, fully monitored, wireless alarm system on the market at present. PMaX detectors and sounders are totally wireless requiring no interconnecting cable! PMaX detectors and sounders have onboard lithium batteries lasting between 3–5 years, making a wireless solution a totally practical one.  


Professional Outdoor Arena Irrigation Kit

A regularly irrigated riding arena has a longer lifetime and provides a much better riding surface where it is kept damp and protecting the surface, membrane and sub-base.

Kylix Manufacture two standard kits 20x40m and 20x60m. Custom sizes arent a problem. Kylix can accommodate any arena size or shape.