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New Sigma Hot Air Solarium 

- 5 April 2013


New SiGmA Hot Air Dryer and Solarium

Kylix UK Ltd Have Launched a brand new improved Hot Air Solarium. Still names the SiGmA, effectively we have combined all of the drying power of the original Sigma Hot Air Solarium with the unique design of the MaXuSS range.


The New Sigma is fitted with 4 x 4.5Kw hot air blowers to gice an impressive drying power of 18Kw capable of dry your clipped horse in nearly 8 minutes!


Not only does the New SiGmA dry but also boasts a Kw of IR power using our unique Infrared Lamp sets treating back muscles also.


A 3 Phase power supply or heafty single phase board will be required to run the unit but drying power.


All this but costs have been slashed. You can now pick up a new SiGmA unit for just over £5,000 including delivery and comprehensive control box!